Career Options After Class 12th PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

If a student wants to study buildings, bridges, electronics, software, petroleum, technology, etc., they should select specific B-Tech or Bachelors of Engineering programs. Here’s a sub-list of Engineering specialties a student can choose. Best Career Options after Class 12 for Science students.
If a student is interested in Biology and medicine, they have several medical career alternatives. To enter the medical industry, students must do PCB on 10+2. Some careers need NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test). Best Career Options after Class 12 for Science student.

Engineering (B.Tech/ B.E) Careers

  • 1) Aeronautical Engineering
  • 2) Automobile Engineering
  • 3) Civil and Structural Engineering
  • 4) Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • 5) Information Technology
  • 6) Instrumentation & Control Engineering
  • 7) Chemical Engineering
  • 8) Mining Engineering
  • 9) Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • 10) Marine Engineering
  • 11) Biomedical Engineering
  • 12) Biotechnology Engineering
  • 13) Electronics and Power Engineering
  • 14) Textile Engineering
  • 15) Software Engineering
  • 16) Agricultural Engineering
  • 17) Artificial Engineering
  • 18) Nuclear Engineering
  • 19) Electrical Engineering
  • 20) Mechanical Engineering
  • 21) Architecture
  • 22) Sc Careers
  • 23) Commercial Pilots, Defense, Merchant Navy
  • 24) The National Defense Academy (NDA) test is used to recruit for the Indian military (Army, Navy, and Air Force)
  • 25) Hotel Management
  • 26) Designing Courses

NEET Exam Medical Career Options

  • MBBS- Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is a popular programme in India and overseas. Science students after 12th grade prefer this subject for becoming Doctors and surgeons
  • BHMS- Bachelor’s in Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery: Homeopathic Medicines treat the human body with natural substances like plants, herbs, and minerals. After MBBS, students seek this career. This course teaches students to use natural remedies.
  • BDS- Bachelor of Dental Sciences: Orthodontists and prosthodontists can take this scientific degree. This course teaches about dental organs for dentists and surgeons.
  • Pharm-Bachelor of Pharmacy: Students who want to work in pharmaceuticals or open their own pharmacies can study chemicals and medicinal salts.
  • BMLT- Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology teaches students to create medications or medical devices in hospitals, medical facilities, or laboratories.
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NEET Exam Medical Career Options

  • BSc Nursing: This job helps patients. Students learn from and support doctors in ICU, ER, CCU, OT, etc. Nursing is possible without NEET.
  • BSc Biotechnology: The three-year programme offers molecular and applied biochemistry.
  • Sc Food Technology: The course covers food’s origins, nutrition, analysis, microbiology, and other topics.