What is Psychometric Analysis?

  • Psychometric assessments are conducted in order to know personality traits, cognitive abilities and various interests of a person.

  • These tests includes a variety of questions & exercises designed to examine a person’s mental, social & physical well being and capabilities.

  • The results of these tests provide a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats) Analysis about one. Which stream to be chosen? Which work profile to be choose for career?

  • For a teenager psychometric test helps to answer the 2 most important questions i.e.,

Why is it Necessary for a Student to take Psychometric Analysis?

The results of the Psychometric Test assist students in making career decisions

Students may make informed decisions and change their Learning Styles depending on aptitude and interest.

Assists your Educators and Parents in developing effective methods based on the outcomes.s

Assist you with the Stream Selection procedure.

Career Options

Computer & Information Technology


Legal Services

Animation Graphics & Visual Communication

Hospitality, Tourism & Transport Service

Media & Entertainment

Vocational Courses

Sports & Fitness

Engineering & Technology

Marketing Advertisement & Sales

Liberal Arts & Humanities

Performing Arts & Entertainment

Art & Design


Vocational Courses

Business Management Career


Finance Banking

Farming, Agriculture & Forestry

Medical Science

Education & Training


Allied Medical Sciences

Science & Maths