Vidya Hub School Integrated Programme

Vidya Hub School Integrated Programme

class 9 and 10 Foundation

The Vidya Hub School Integrated Programme (SIP) was introduced a few years ago and has quickly become one of the most popular IIT/NEET courses, as it eliminates the stress among students of having to attend two places: school and institutes.

IIT-JEE 2023

Vidya Hub School Integrated Programme (SIP) provides a fully customised programme that aims to help students achieve excellence in school / board exams while also preparing them for competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, NEET, Olympiads, and other competitive exams.

NEET 2023

The course's outcomes have been very encouraging, and they demonstrate Vidya Hub's dedication to providing the finest possible support and learning environment for its students in both onboard and competitive exams.

  • In order to be well-prepared for the JEE Mains and NEET exams, students should devote their entire school day to preparation. The reality, on the other hand, is quite different.
  • No school provides an efficient JEE Mains and NEET coaching where teachers develop new problems and therefore prepare you for all Competitive obstacles.
  • Due to a lack of coordination between school and coaching for Course. The fact that JEE/NEET coaching and schools do not cover the same topics creates a great deal of stress for students deciding which to prioritise. This results in an ineffective conceptual foundation, which prevents students from performing optimally on the JEE, NEET, and Board examinations.
  • Parents also add to this since they lack confidence in IIT-JEE. As a result, they advise their children to perform well on the Board exams as a backup.
  • Eventually, students become emotionally and physically exhausted and are unable to devote sufficient time to self-study in order to learn effectively.
  • Since the 1990s, there has been a growing need for specialised training that is focused on getting results for highly competitive exams like IIT-JEE and NEET (Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams).
  • Many students move to other cities like Kota in order to get the education and opportunities they want.
  • Preparing for school and board exams has always been a natural focus of school education. This new requirement is not in line with their main focus, goals, or areas of expertise.
  • A study plan that will help the student feel less stressed about time or like he or she doesn’t have enough of it. This will free up a lot of extra time, give the student time to do self-study that he or she wouldn’t have had otherwise, and give the student enough time for extracurricular activities, self-study, sports, social activities, etc., which are so important for the development of his or her personality.
  • Every parent hopes for the best for their child’s future.At the moment, parents have to send their kids to school and coaching separately, away from home, so they can prepare for the best exams. They have to pay more money, go through emotional pain, and feel unsafe because their child has to stay in a faraway city to get an education.
  • With Vidya Hub School Integrated Programme (SIP) schools can solve all of these issues and help parents, students, and the school system as a whole. They can get the best scores in the most prestigious national competitions.
  • The respected teachers at Vidya Hub have the experience, knowledge, and track record to bring out the best in their students and help them do their best work.
  • Studying at the same time for JEE Mains/NEET, Boards, other engineering entrance exams, various international Olympiads, and national level academic exams like Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY). All of the goals are met during the school day.


  • The teachers at Vidya Hub will hold regular, interactive online classes that follow the best ways to teach. The teachers at Vidya Hub will work with school teachers to help students get ready for both school/boards exams and Competitive exams.
  • Material for study, Regular test series and workshops are held to give students good academic input and clear up any questions they might have so they can prepare in the right way.
  • This model is not just an online class; it is more like a hybrid model. Students have a lot of things to think about in an online class. They can turn off the camera, stop or skip the lecture, talk, play games, etc. A monitoring teacher in a classroom, on the other hand, makes sure that students pay attention, take notes, ask questions, and stay in line.
  • This model lets students from all over the country learn from the best Vidya Hub Faculties at a price they can afford.
  • There will be a consolidated study plan for students who enrol in this programme.
  • At the same time, students will be able to study for both school and board exams as well as the JEE Mains and NEET.
  • The student would not have to attend two separate classes and schedules for the same subject matter. Students and parents save time, money, and energy by using this method.
  • The best JEE and NEET faculty will be on hand for each session, ensuring a high level of participation from all attendees. In addition, the students will have access to a variety of resources.
  • Regular online/offline tests and two-way doubt-solving sessions will be offered.


  • In-Program Training for the School Teachers during the course of the programme.
  • Only Board Exam results have made Delhi Schools a household name. Vidya Hub’s Integrated Program, on the other hand, allows schools to perform well in the JEE and NEET Competitive Exams..
  • The school’s reputation will improve as a result, which will lead to an increase in applications.
  • Teachers would be trained with the Competitive Level Skills for JEE and NEET.

Moreover, they’ll be enhancing their course offerings in those fields

  • Completion of the Syllabus in the Allotted Time as outlined in the Academic Calendar.
  • All classes will be online. The classes will be two-way interactive. Students’ queries will be answered in real time by faculty.
  • All tests will be Online. The testing frequency will be kept at a set standard.
  • National Testing Agency (NTA), JEE Mains and NEET standards are followed for the design of this course. NCERT as a whole will be finished. In addition, the focus will be on Objective Patterns for Competitive Exams.
  • Many students have a hard time transitioning from one teacher to the next. Vidya Hub will ensure for the whole course, the same set of Instructors will be used to instruct.
  • All of the course material will be synchronised between school teachers and Vidya Hub Faculties.
  • A meeting will be held so that both parties can agree on the course syllabus and planner. So that students, school teachers, and Vidya Hub faculties all have a clear understanding of the subject matter.
  • Promoting the course to students and parents and encouraging them to register for it. As well as finalising student enrollment.
  • Providing necessary teaching aids and academic amenities such as digital boards/screens and furniture for students.
  • Aligning the school’s lesson plans and test syllabuses with SIP.
  • As an intermediary, school teachers will help students connect to Vidya Hub. If a student is having difficulty with a course or any other academic area, Vidya Hub can be made available to them. Students will have access to Vidya Hub only through the school.
  • Vidya Hub will need the school’s and students’ consent to display their results or other information on our portals, banners, websites, social media, and other platforms.
  • Vidya Hub requires sufficient study hours from schools in order to complete the course on time.
  • Schools will be responsible for student attendance and attention in online classes. Attendance will be shared with Vidya Hub if necessary.
  • Tests will primarily be conducted online. Otherwise,schools will receive printable pdfs of the test questions and OMR sheets. The school will print out the necessary printouts, conduct tests, and submit the OMR sheet in one of two ways. It’s up to them whether they want to dispatch the OMR sheets to Vidya Hub centre or scan the OMR and share the scanned documents.