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12 Ways to Boost your Brain’s Power

Following these 12 Ways to Boost your Brain Power, we have discussed how to Increase Brain Power. Experts believe that the brain is like the central processing unit, or CPU, of a computer. Even though this is a bit of an exaggeration because the CPU doesn’t think like you do, there are some real similarities between the two. The CPU compares data, does maths, and can store information in different ways. It can also be “retrained” to do different things, just like your brain.

So, yes, it is possible to make your brain work better. All you have to do is know how to do it.

Follow these 12 ways to boost brain power your memory while studying for the IIT JEE / NEET and keep it from getting too full. When you don’t have to think about remembering things, you’ve already won half the battle. Use these helpful tips to get ready better while you still have time:

12 Ways to Boost your Brain Power

  1. How do phones today affect sleep and Ultimately Brain Function
  2. Brain exercises help make your brain smarter.
  3. Foods for your Brain
  4. Visualize
  5. Associative thinking
  6. To help you remember things, use mnemonics
  7. The One Thing
  8. Prioritize
  9. Have faith in your abilities
  10. Stay hydrated
  11. Deep Work
  12. Spending time in Nature & with Kids and Pets

These 12 Tips will definitely help you to increase your Brainpower.

How do phones today affect sleep and Ultimately Brain Function?

If you feel like you have to keep checking, responding, reading, scrolling, uploading, or playing on your mobile phone. Even during night hours. And you are not able to control the temptation. It might be hard to put the phone down and stop using it. This may cause you to go to bed later and sleep less. If you don’t get enough sleep to feel rested, you could end up with insomnia, which can hurt your brain’s work.

Brain exercises help make your brain smarter.

Brain Games (Not Digital Games)

Try meditating, and try taking notes with your less-used hand. Learn something new, like how to play an instrument. Make one document that has the whole chapter you’ve already learned.

Just go for a walk or work out.

Foods for your Brain 

First, having breakfast is half the battle won. Skipping meals inconsistently is bad for your health as a whole.

Lycopene, an antioxidant that is found in tomatoes, is another food that may help. Free radicals can hurt the body, but lycopene can help keep this from happening. Oxidative stress can happen in the body when there are more free radicals than antioxidants. Tomatoes can help with Alzheimer’s. Anthocyanins, which are found in blueberries and are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant plant compounds, could help with short-term memory.

Almonds, cashews, peanuts, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and sesame seeds are all good choices that are easy to add to dishes or take with you. Walnuts, linseeds, and chia seeds are also good choices because they have a lot of omega-3.

Bananas are full of B vitamins, which help us remember things and protect our brains as we age. They also have a lot of magnesium, which can help nerve cells in the brain work better together.

Researchers think that not getting enough vitamin C could lead to dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other brain diseases that come with age. Broccoli has a lot of vitamin C in it.

Flavonoids are a group of antioxidant compounds found in plants that help people learn and remember things. Flavonoids are found in both dark chocolate and cocoa powder.

Visualize – 12 Ways to Boost your Brain Power

The brain is better able to remember things it sees. When you study, try to break up the material into pieces that you can handle. This will help you remember more of what you learned.

Associative thinking

Our brains are better at remembering things if they have a connection to something we already know! As a result, if you’re learning anything new, try to connect it to something you already know! After that, it will be much easier for you to remember it.

To help you remember things, use mnemonics

Everybody has used mnemonics at some point in their lives! This is seen in how we learn the order of the planets’ orbits around the sun. “My Very Educated Mother just gave us Noodles,” for example. Every word’s initial letter represents the name of a planet, and it does so in the right order. Simply recalling this simple sentence while taking an exam can make it easier for you!

The One Thing

This is a much more time-consuming process than typical! You must learn how to block out the rest of the world and focus solely on recalling a memory. Memorised information is still present in your brain, but you have a hard time recalling it since you can’t focus 100% of the time. Stay as focused as possible on the issue at hand if you find yourself getting bogged down.


Try to devote more time and effort to the most significant aspects of the course. Your remaining time should be spent solely on matters of the utmost importance. It is much simpler to remember information that you have assigned a higher priority in your mind by setting priorities.

Have faith in your abilities

Believing that you are capable of learning and remembering material is the key to success on tests! Your brain will become distracted if you keep demoralizing and discouraging yourself, and you won’t be able to learn anything effectively.

Stay hydrated

The process of memorization necessitates the use of water. Dehydration causes you to lose attention and reduces your brain’s ability to process information!

Vegetable juices are full of micronutrients and can help your body in a lot of ways.

Deep Work

Doing a lot of things at once is not a good idea. It makes it harder for us to work. Even the way our brains work is different. Deep Work can be useful. The same name was also used for a book by Cal Newport.

Spending time in Nature & with Kids and Pets

Spending time in nature can help us think of new ideas and make our brains work better.

They will help you find ways to improve your mood.

Boost Brain for more Personal Development

We are not experts when it comes to medical help. So, readers are asked to seek medical help if the problem keeps happening. These are 12 ways to boost your Brain Power.