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Preparation of JEE or NEET right from 9th & 10th Class

There is a point in every student’s life when he needs to choose which career path he should take. Actually, every decision related to a career is difficult. Thatswhy from the foundation students want to know about the preparation of JEE or NEET right from 9th & 10th class. Because that’s the time where Students face this dilemma consistently throughout their life:

(i) 10th class students need to choose the stream they would study in higher classes.

(ii) 12th class students need to choose a college and a course that will lay the foundation of their career.

(iii) Then after completing their Bachelors, students need to decide either to complete Masters, Ph.D. or start earning straight away.

Everyone needs to make some tough decisions in their life. The simplest way to make these decisions is to take help from the people who care about you, who you care about. The base of our future life starts from the 9th and 10th standards. A 15-year-old child has the potential to achieve everything he dreams of. It is the job of elders to guide him in bringing out his best, to let him know about different careers and how to choose them.

Self-exploration can only lead a student to limited accomplishments, but the level of success he can achieve is infinite with the right guidance. A 9th and 10th standard is a stage when students start developing interests in things. The personality of students starts developing around this time. Some people indeed get to know more of their interests later in their life, but that doesn’t mean that they should cry over their decisions earlier. George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright said – “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”

No matter how bad a decision you make in your life, you need to find something good in it. Sure life ahead is tough. Many students decide to take JEE and NEET after completing their school life and only a few manage to progress through it. The key is to get the priorities straight. As stated above the time to develop interests is in 9th and 10th standard and if a student has his total interests in becoming a doctor then he will definitely become a doctor. If a student likes math and physics, then no one can stop him to pass JEE.

The essential thing is to know your interests and being in foundation classes i.e. 9th and 10tth standard, is the time to do that. Aspirants tend to chicken out when they find how difficult JEE and NEET really are. You can clear the most difficult exam on this planet if you are interested in the subjects and you work extremely hard. Counseling sessions can exceptionally help students explore more of their interests. It is absolutely necessary to send your child for a mentoring session with a professional as a parent. Only a student can know what he likes and wants to be in life. Forcing your child to become something he is not can ruin his life. This is one of the many reasons why Vidya Hub Institute is known to every student. We not only develop a child’s interest and enhance his skills, but we also help him choose a career path with the least difficulties. The available foundation course in Vidya Hub helps groom the child to know the essentiality of making the right decisions at right time.

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