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How to score Good marks in Board Exam – 2022

Boards exams 2022 are coming and CBSE is changing the pattern for both 10th & 12th. Students worry about Score Good Marks in Board Exam-2022. I don’t think you need to focus on the changes right now because CBSE would be constantly altering the exam pattern as the days go by. We can only hope that corona doesn’t strike again. Still, all the schools, colleges & institutions will try their best to make sure exams go smoothly.

Boards might be the most important exam you’ll ever give in your life. Where the 10th class’s board is used for getting the desired subject in the next class, the 12th board is used to get a good college. Marks scored inboards do matter, don’t let anyone fool you.

It’s a stressful time for 10th & 12 class students when board exams are near. Every student hopes of scoring well, but only some do. There are very small details that students leave and lose marks.

How to ace your board exams without burdening yourself?

Here are some ways to help you score good marks in Board Exam:

  • Complete the question paper backwards
  • Sleep well the night before exam
  • Try to be as neat & clean as possible
  • Read the question paper carefully
  • Concentrate
  • Stick to the word limit
  • Make sure you have time for revision

Complete the Question Paper backwards

Try to do big questions which are at the end of the paper, first! This will help you grab important marks early in the exam. Your brain is ready for some action to start so, it will work perfectly well doing big questions. Even if time runs out, the only questions that will be left are one or two markers.

Sleep well the night before Exam

Try to get a good night’s sleep the night before the exam. Give your brain and body the rest they deserve or else they can betray you on the big day. Also try to wake up early and have a nice, healthy breakfast.

Try to be as Neat & Clean as Possible

Tidy work gives a good impression. Examiners have to check hundreds of exams at a time. They usually just cross out what they can’t understand. If your exam sheet is neat and clean, the examiner might even check your exam in a happy mood and spare some of your errors.

Read the Question Paper carefully

15 Minutes!!! That’s all you get. You need to utilize this time cautiously. Read the question paper and plan out a strategy to make sure you get the result you hoped for.


Our mind sometimes drifts away to its own fantasy world in the examination hall. You must have seen the meme about how we even start singing songs while giving exams. You! Need to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you. Boards are important for your career and you need to give your best. If you can’t concentrate for a long time, try meditating once in a while.

Stick to the Word Limit

You must’ve figured out that teachers deduct marks if you write your answer under the word limit. But, they can and they will also deduct your marks if you go above the limit. So, stick to it, especially in a language exam like English.

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Make sure you have time for Revision

Revision is an important step. Everyone makes a silly mistake but you need to make amends. If you were able to manage your time perfectly, you must have some spare time to revise your exam in the end.

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How to score good Marks in Board Exam – 2022.