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6 Common Mistakes made while Preparing for IIT-JEE.

Most Common blunders made while preparing for IIT-JEE?
If you are preparing for the upcoming JEE Advanced or have made up your mind to give IIT-JEE in 2022, you need to make sure that there are certain mistakes most of the students make. You need to know about them and try your best not to make these so-called mistakes. There is a reason why lakhs of students give this Exam, and only a few thousand can crack it. Learning and improving from your mistakes can be the difference between failure and success.

JEE is probably one of the toughest exams globally, so the preparation for it needs to be equally tough. So here are some of the common mistakes you can avoid while preparing to become an engineer:

Some mistakes are explaining one by one.
  • Taking Unessentially Long Breaks
  • Not Asking About Doubts from Teachers.
  • Not Learning NCERT by Heart.
  • Lack of Socialising.
  • Not Taking Adequate Sleep.
  • Not Solving Enough Mock/Sample Papers.

Taking Unessentially Long Breaks: Only take breaks as long as feasible, especially when JEE advanced is so close. Breaks are supposed to make you productive when working and not for time to pass. Remember that!


Not Asking About Doubts from Teachers: Students tend to not ask about their doubts from their teachers due to various reasons like communication gap, shyness, lack of time, etc. Making this mistake can prove to be very hazardous. This is why at Vidya Hub, teachers made the class as interactive as possible so that no topic is left untouched. Leaving a topic thinking it is not important and coming in the Exam is the worst feeling ever. Trust Me!


Not Learning NCERT by Heart: JEE Exam is largely based on NCERT. The questions in NCERT are comparatively easy. Many a time, questions from NCERT come in the Exam. You’ll be kicking yourself when you won’t be able to do that question.


Lack of Socialising: Many times, students tend to alienate themselves from society to concentrate more on their studies. This can cause a student to become depressed and increase their stress level. Try to hang out with your friends a little and talk to your family.

 Not Taking Adequate Sleep: Your body needs to regenerate because of all the hard work it’s been doing. It would be best if you gave enough time to sleep. Lack of sleep has several symptoms like dark circles, laziness, weight loss, etc. A JEE aspirant can’t afford these symptoms over the pressure of studying.

 Not Solving Enough Mock/Sample Papers: Try to solve as many sample papers or mock tests as possible because they are the real insight into the real Exam. They give you an idea of how tough the Exam can be what mistakes you are making. You can only improve if you k

Students tend to read more articles on tips & tricks, Dos & DONTs, etc. But knowing about the mistakes you can make or about mistakes people made when they were in your position is equally important. Luckily, Vidya Hub provides students with all types of stuff and help. Just visit our website VidyaHub and see for yourself. It is the best coaching institute for jee advanced.

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6 Common Mistakes made while Preparing for IIT-JEE.