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What Happens After Clearing JEE Advanced ?

If you are still unclear about which career you want to choose after clearing JEE advanced, then this blog is tailor-made for you.

October 3rd is coming closer day by day and it brings with itself JEE advanced. If you need motivation or tips & tricks to clear JEE advanced, you need to check out our other blog via IIT-JEE Archives – ( Anyways, still being unclear about which field you want to become engineer in is perfectly okay. Hey! you might be more focused on studying rather than choosing a career. Just Kidding.

Here is a post-mortem of the careers and courses available after clearing THE EXAM:

  • Teaching
  • Engineering Options
  • Master Of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Giving JEE Mains Again
  • If you think that you have the skills to make people understand whatever you are saying, then you might become a great teacher in the future. And don’t think that teachers are not “cool”. Selflessly guiding others to success can be the greatest feeling in the world.
Engineering Options
  • There are a lot of options available under the category of engineering related courses. You just have to explore your interests. If you are good in computers, you can become a Computer Engineer, If you like buildings and stuff you can become a Civil Engineer, If you like cars or machines, you can become a Mechanical Engineer. Some other engineering options are – Electrical, Chemical, Aerospace, Nuclear, Robotics, etc.
Master Of Business Administration (MBA)
  • After completing your bachelors in engineering, a lot of people take the step of completing MBA. According to me, Engineering and Business is the perfect combination. If you have an idea to build something like a machine or a software, MBA can provide you with the skills to sell it to the public. But that is thinking way ahead in the future; also keep in mind that doing MBA from a private institution can make a huge hole in your pocket.
Giving JEE Mains Again
  • Many students are not satisfied with the results they achieve and hence, are not able to get a good college to boost their career. Giving JEE Mains again is an option but it is not recommended because you’ll be going through all the hustle-bustle again. So, only take this step if you are a 100% sure about improving your performance.

These are some of the handpicked options you can choose from after clearing your JEE Advanced. There are other options available too, such as – becoming a data analyst, research & development engineer or giving IES (Indian Engineering Services) exam for a government job, etc. but they couldn’t top the list.

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