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How to score 100+ Marks in Physics JEE Main 2023

Now JEE Main exam date for Paper 1 is 24th January 2023 and for Paper 2 is 12th April 2023. Which means you don’t have much time left to prepare for it. However, if you know how to score 100+ Marks in physics JEE mains, then JEE 2023 is a piece of cake.

Physics can be a tough subject for many JEE aspirants. After all, JEE Main 2023 is going to be one of the toughest exams in our country this year. But worry no more, if you join the best institute for JEE, VidyaHub!!! Then physics would be a joke for you. That is how easily we make difficult subjects.

NTA has released JEE Main 2023 dates hence students are stressed about their preparation, but you don't have to panic, keep focusing on your studies and have a proper subject plan as every subject holds equal importance and to make it a little easy our panel of Experts has come together to tell the strategic steps to follow while preparing for Chemistry.

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Read this article to know about how to score 100+ Marks in physics JEE Mains.


Understand The Syllabus and Exam Pattern

The first step in preparing for any exam is to have a clear understanding of the syllabus and exam pattern. For the JEE, it is important to go through the detailed syllabus and understand the topics that will be covered in the exam. Familiarize yourself with the weightage of each topic, the types of questions that will be asked, and the marking scheme. This will help you prioritize your studies and focus on the most important areas.

Set a study schedule and stick to it

To prepare effectively for the JEE, it is important to have a structured study plan in place. Determine how much time you can realistically dedicate to studying each day and create a schedule that allows you to cover all the topics in the syllabus. It is also important to stick to your schedule and not get sidetracked by other activities.

Practice, practice, practice

The key to success in any exam is practice. Make sure to allocate sufficient time for solving practice questions and mock tests. This will not only help you build your problem-solving skills but also get you accustomed to the exam format and time constraints.

Focus on concepts, not just formulas

While it is important to memorize important formulas and equations, it is equally important to understand the underlying concepts. Make sure to spend time understanding the concepts behind each topic and how they relate to each other. This will help you apply the formulas and solve complex problems more easily.

Take good notes

As you study, make sure to take detailed notes of the concepts you have learned. This will help you revise and retain the information more effectively. You can also use these notes to create your own study materials, such as flashcards and summaries.

Seek help when needed

If you are struggling to understand a particular concept or topic, don't be afraid to ask for help. You can seek help from your teachers, classmates, or online resources. It is better to ask for help early on rather than letting your doubts build up and hinder your progress.

Work on your problem-solving skills

Physics problems often involve multiple steps and require you to apply concepts and formulas in a logical and systematic way. To improve your problem-solving skills, try solving a variety of problems from different sources, such as textbooks, online practice tests, and previous year papers.

Stay up to date with current events

While the JEE primarily covers foundational concepts in physics, it is always a good idea to stay up to date with current events in the field. This will not only help you understand the real-world applications of the concepts you are learning but also give you a broader perspective on the subject.

Take care of your physical and mental health

Preparing for the JEE can be a stressful and demanding process. Make sure to take care of your physical and mental health by getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, and taking breaks to relax and recharge.

Stay motivated and focused

It is natural to feel overwhelmed or demotivated at times during your preparation. To stay motivated and focused, it is important to set clear goals for yourself and celebrate your progress as you reach them. You can also seek support from your friends and family to help you stay on track.

Approach to Score 100+ Marks in Physics JEE Mains

In the JEE Main 2023 exam, you can expect to be tested on a variety of topics from classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, waves and optics, and modern physics. These topics may include concepts such as Newton's laws of motion, energy and power, electric circuits, thermodynamic processes, wave properties, and the behavior of particles at the atomic and subatomic level.

It is important to have a strong foundation in mathematics, as many of the concepts in physics involve the use of mathematical tools and techniques. It is also helpful to have a good understanding of the scientific method and the ability to apply this method to solve problems.

To prepare for the JEE physics exam, it is recommended to thoroughly study the relevant textbook and practice solving a variety of problems.

Physics is an extremely important subject while preparing for JEE Main. It weighs 120 marks in the exam and is extremely difficult.

JEE Main 2023 syllabus for Physics Section A:

Physics and measurement Kinetic theory of gases
Rotational motion Current electricity
Thermodynamics Communication systems
Kinematics Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents
Work, energy and power Magnetic effects of current and magnetism
Properties of solids and liquids Optics
Gravitation Electromagnetic waves
Laws of motion Atoms and nuclei
Oscillations and waves Electrostatics
Electronic devices Dual nature of matter and radiation

JEE Main 2023 syllabus for Physics Section B:

Section B of physics would contain questions regarding the experimental skills of the student. For example Vernier callipers-its use to measure the internal and external diameter and depth of a vessel, Screw gauge-its use to determine the thickness/ diameter of thin sheets wire, etc.

Physics is JEE Main like any other subject, would also have negative marking. Here is the blueprint for it:

Physics 20 + 10 (out of which 5 are necessary) = 25 100 4 or 3 1


Here are some important topics that you should focus on while preparing for the physics section of the JEE:

  1. Mechanics: This includes topics such as Newton's laws of motion, conservation of energy and momentum, rotational motion, gravitation, oscillations, and waves.
  2. Electricity and magnetism: This includes topics such as Coulomb's law, electric fields and potentials, capacitors, electric current, Ohm's law, and electromagnetic waves.
  3. Optics: This includes topics such as geometrical optics, interference, diffraction, and polarization of light.
  4. Modern physics: This includes topics such as quantum mechanics, atomic and nuclear physics, and solid-state physics.
  5. Thermodynamics: This includes topics such as the laws of thermodynamics, heat transfer, and thermodynamic processes.
  6. Miscellaneous topics: These may include topics such as fluid mechanics, elasticity, and simple harmonic motion.

The topics mentioned above are extremely important. They have been coming in the previous JEE Main exams and are a sure thing to come in JEE Main 2023. So do not at any cost leave them or have any doubt in them.

Weightage of JEE Physics syllabus chapter-wise:

Topics No of Questions Marks
Modern Physics 5 20
Heat and Thermodynamics 3 12
Optics 3 12
Current Electricity 3 12
Electrostatics 3 12
Magnetics 2 8
Unit, Dimension and Vector 1 4
Kinematics 1 4
Laws of motion 1 4
Work, Power and Energy 1 4
Centre Of Mass, Impulse, and Momentum 1 4
Rotation 1 4
Gravitation 1 4
Simple Harmonic Motion 1 4
Solids and Fluids 1 4
Waves 1 4
Electromagnetics Induction; AC 1 4


One thing we all know is that score 100+ Marks in physics JEE mains!!! In JEE!!! Is extremely difficult. But it is not impossible. You can achieve anything you set your mind to. Remember you have a dream. You want to get into the top engineering colleges of India. You cannot achieve that dream without scoring well in this year’s JEE exam.

Now you can rely entirely on yourself, stay unmotivated and inconsistent and fail. Or, you can follow the tips and tricks mentioned above in this article, lean from it, apply it in your life and win what you have set your mind to.

If you start preparing right now, 100 marks in Physics would definitely not sound so difficult. And even if you fail to achieve your target, you will still perform better than before, because this time you set your limits higher and hence, you jumped higher.

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