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How To Crack NEET 2023 In First Attempt?

NTA has initiated the application process for NEET 2022. The exam date has been decided, and the NEET exam will take place on July 17, 2022 (Sunday). With only a few weeks left, NEET aspirants have already begun hoping for miracles. Every student wants to clear the NEET on their first attempt but most of them are not able to do so.

Is NEET tough? Is cracking NEET on the first attempt really that difficult? Well, the answer is no! Cracking NEET on the first attempt is really not that difficult for a disciplined and well-guided NEET aspirant. Some students trust themselves in the hands of VidyaHub and they get a return for their trust in the form of results. Even the name of our institute is a motivation for NEET aspirants. After all, we have not become the best NEET coaching centre in Delhi by accident.

Before we start discussing “How to Crack NEET 2022?”.

we need to study some FAQs about NEET 2022 in-depth:

  1. Number Of Attempts
  2. Neet Duration Of Exam
  3. Negative Marking

Let’s talk about them one by one:

Number Of Attempts in NEET 2022

How many attempts for NEET is one of the most frequently asked questions for NEET aspirants. There is some uncertainty about the number of tries. Previously, there were limitations on the number of NEET exam tries. The court’s ruling governs the restriction imposed earlier. The maximum NEET attempt limit for 2022 is currently unrestricted. This means an aspirant can now attempt NEET an unlimited number of times.

NEET Duration of NEET 2022 Exam

Students will now have an additional 20 minutes to complete the NEET paper, making it a total of 200 minutes (3 hours and 20 minutes). The number of questions in the NEET exam will also be 200 out of which only 180 questions are compulsory.

Negative Marking in NEET 2022

So is there a negative marking in NEET? Yes! Just like in previous years, NEET 2022 would also be a negative marking exam. One mark would be deducted for each incorrect answer. No marks are deducted if a question is not attempted and four marks are given for every correct answer.

So now the question arises ‘How to prepare for NEET?’. Let us take a look at some NEET preparation tips:

  1. Attitude
  2. Time Table
  3. Concentrate
  4. Stay in Touch with your Teachers
  5. Keep Researching

Let’s explain these things one by one “How to Crack NEET 2022 In First Attempt?”

Attitude – what should be the attitude to crack NEET

The way you keep your attitude matters a lot. Remember that positivity always wins… ALWAYS! Just try to give your 100% percent. We all know that NEET is going to be tough but that doesn’t we give up without trying.

Time Table – what should be the Time Table to crack NEET 2023

NEET Preparation can be done right if you have your schedule jotted down clearly. Every student needs to form a schedule and that schedule should bring out the best in the student. If you carefully look at the topper’s study timetable, you will find out how difficult their success was.

Every aspirant needs to form a perfect timetable for NEET 2023 by looking at the previous NEET Topper timetable. If you think you can’t do it by yourself, why not Join VidyaHub? Yes, we also have the perfect timetable for students. We don’t just help our pupils in their studies, we help them in reaching the top of the world.

Concentrate – How to Concentrate to crack NEET 2023

Keeping your mind focused and calm is a very important thing. To keep your brain concentrated you can try meditation. Meditation is a clinically validated method for clearing your mind and relaxing. Just meditating for 5-10 minutes a day before you go to sleep can make you a better understanding of your mind and help you to increase your self-esteem in the long term.

Stay in Touch with your Teachers

Doubts pop up as you are moving forward with your syllabus. Having unclear concepts can cause you valuable marks. Keep in touch with your teachers and ask them to clear those doubts.

Keep Researching

New updates might get released regarding NEET 2023. Keep yourself updated. Not just updates keep reading blogs like these. These trips and tricks can help you outperform yourself. 

Creating small changes in your ways of life can cause a big difference. Who knows if following these tips and tricks could help you score AIR-1? Or maybe VidyaHub can help you with that? Stop searching for the best institute nearby, because you have just found it!