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NEET 2023 Preparation | Tips & Strategies | Score 650+

As soon as the child passes 10th grade, he is confused since the curriculum up until that point was quite narrow, and now that he is studying, the syllabus appears to be boundless. By the eleventh grade, the struggle has grown exponentially, and the assistance that every child deserves is nowhere to be found. What kind of support are we discussing? Four basic pillars are required for students to be successful.

Before you draw out the plan and put it into action, keep the following points in mind.

This academic adventure will be a part of the phrase “life is a do-it-yourself project.” Anyone can assist you, including friends, teachers, and parents, but in the end, you will be the only one who has to accomplish things. You are the captain of your life’s ship. Never think that someone will come along and do your task for you.

This exam will serve as the greatest equalizer in your life. It is your ticket to social mobility. what people count is your hard work and efforts. You’ll have the opportunity to better your family as well as your own life. It is a life-altering experience.

Plant the seeds and then forget about it. Just make sure you water the plants every day and don’t dig out the seeds to check the results every now and then. This statement means that you can’t keep doubting, re-evaluating, or re-examining yourself every now and again and expecting things to change.

You must remain focused on your work. Continue to work toward the goals you’ve set for yourself, believing that one day that seed will blossom into fruit and you’ll be able to reap the rewards.

Combination of Proper Guidance and Self-Study – Neet Examination 2023 Preparation.

You must understand that you must dedicate 8-9 hours each week to self-study in addition to coaching. Any training or institute should not be relied upon. No institute can assist you if you are unwilling to help yourself. As a result, you must plan your days carefully for coaching lessons, self-study, and other daily tasks.


Many children prepare for six months or a year but fail to pass the exam because they are unable to maintain consistency. Studying for one month, then taking a two-month break, or studying for ten days for hours and hours, then taking a one-month break due to distractions and procrastination. You cannot benefit from such an attitude.

Most students are like this, believing that they can achieve their goals by making false commitments, but in reality, if one does not maintain consistency, their selection will be very far from them. Make it a habit to study for at least 3-4 hours per day, but stick to that schedule and stick to it religiously. If you continue in this manner, you will undoubtedly pass the NEET exam.

Stressless Study

You study, but you study under stress, making it difficult to remember or retain the information you have learned. However, I’d want to point out that you still have a lot of time on your hands, so stressing yourself out could be a bad idea because stress will harm your mental health. Your mental health is important in addition to your physical wellness. As a result, stress and anything that produces it should be avoided by children.

Stay Focussed

You must remain focused and have a goal in mind. You will go through a lot of changes at the age of 17 or 18, where you will be socialized, easily distracted, attracted to the opposite sex, and enjoy life with friends while using cell phones, YouTube, and other devices. This is all pretty natural in this day and age. You only need to be determined and overcome any obstacles that stand in your way.

Reliable Resources

Strategy is very important for studying. There is a bull and a buffalo, both are very powerful, but the difference is in the way they use that power. Bull runs without direction and the Buffalo runs with aim and Direction, so what is productive is a Buffalo and not a bull. You cannot put the bull in your field. Therefore, you too need to run in life but with the aim and direction, one should know which book to follow and how many books to refer enough.

Let us understand with an example, child X studies from different types of 10 books and scores around 500. And the other child Y who uses only particular books and keeps revising the same, his score crosses near about 650. From this, it is understood that by reading more and more books and notes and study material, NEET will not be cleared, but only by taking the right books and revising them repeatedly, you can bring top ranks.

Trust your Gurus!

Maintain your faith in and obedience to your teacher. The teacher who is instructing you is highly familiar with you and your exam. That teacher will know exactly what is not important and where you are going right and wrong. A good disciple must adhere to the teacher’s notes, study materials, and instructions. The teacher always focuses on the concept, and the child always strives to grasp the theory, thus the teacher plays an important part in your life for concept clarity.

Read the NCERT book extensively

Because NTA is solely focused on NCERT, you should read all three subjects from NCERT books thoroughly. Every line of the NCERTs can be made into a question, thus you should prepare them well.

Detailed Explanation – NEET 2023 Preparation

Children’s understanding needs to be detailed and comprehensive in order for them to grasp the issues. Children should not strive for rote learning; if their goal is to cram topics rather than understand them, they will never be able to pass the NEET.

Understand the Exam Pattern – NEET 2023

This will not be a theory exam; instead, it will be an MCQ-based exam, so you must study from reliable sources and practice regularly. It’s very important to read solely from one reliable source.


You have two years to prepare after graduating from the tenth grade. And must take regular assessments over this time period in order to identify your skills and limitations.

You can only better yourself if you are aware of your flaws. Ultimately, you become a part of the competition.

Subject Wise – Tips For Neet Examination 2023 Preparation

First and foremost, you must commit to a minimum of 7-8 hours of self-study. These are in addition to your coaching or school hours. Be constant, as consistency is essential for passing the NEET or JEE exams.


  1. Biology, of course, will be the subject with the highest score. As a result, you must ensure that your biology is extremely robust.
  2. Strike a balance between botany and zoology. If you’re interested in biology, you should know that NCERT is regarded as the bible of biology. For example, if there are 90 questions, there will be roughly 85 questions from NCERT. So take notes from NCERT and highlight the most critical points.
  3. Use supplemental materials solely to read in greater depth or detail the same topic presented in NCERT for greater comprehension. You can refer to some books like “Trueman’s Biology- Vol 1& vol. 2”
  4. Create a sufficient number of mock tests to evaluate your performance. Refer to MTG objectives at fingertips for biology and MTG 33 years chapter-wise PYQs.


After biology, chemistry is another high-scoring subject in NEET 2023 Preparation.

  1. Directly read between the lines in your organic chemistry, there will be 15-16 questions from your inorganic chemistry, and practically every question will be taken directly from NCERT. It would be fair to say that the NCERTs for classes 11 and 12 is sufficient for passing this part.
  2. When it comes to organic chemistry in particular, the majority of chemistry questions will come from this subject. It covers 40% of your chemistry syllabus in 12th grade, with the majority of that 40% being your reactions. So these NCERT reactions are incredibly crucial; all you have to do is study the process and memorize the reagents, substrates, and products. There will be multiple other reactions if you use the other resources; there is no need to cram them. So, once again, just your NCERT will be used for the reactions.
  3. Maintain a formulas sheet to revise it on daily basis. Take frequent MCQ tests. You can go for NCERT-based MCQs: MTG objectives at your fingertips for chemistry. Also, for previous years' questions, you can take MTG, and you can take MTG 33 years chapter-wise PYQs.


  1. The physics section is a bit trickier than the other two sections (biology and chemistry)
  2. Practice the past year's question papers. You can refer to MTG 33 years chapter-wise PYQs. Also, practice given problems in H.C. Verma. Remember whenever you are practicing these previous year's question papers, do that in the same time frame of 3 hours. Create an exam-like environment.
  3. Maintain a formulas sheet to revise it on a daily basis

If you actually wish to crack NEET 2023, create a realistic timetable and be consistent in following it.

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