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Student Requesting NEET 2022 Exam Postponed

Is the campaign to move the NEET 2022 exam postponed? date forward isn’t slowing down. Over the past few weeks, there have been a lot of developments in the student fraternity regarding the exam postponement.

They’ve written to everyone they believe could make a difference. The majority of the trending hashtags were created by students during this period.

Now, on behalf of students, a 19-page memorandum was submitted to the Ministry of Education on the 8th of July, outlining their main concerns and demands with regard to the schedule of the NEET-UG 2022.

A tweet reveals the existence of this memorandum (shared below).

Tweet About NEET 2022 Exam Postponed

Dear #NEETUG aspirants, Me and @ActivistSukhpal Ji have submitted 19 pages memorandum to @EduMinOfIndia on students’ demands @dpradhanbjp

We also got the current status of the previous memorandum and will soon update all information in the video

 #MODIJIdeferNEETUG #PMOHelpNEETUGAspirantsPlease

A photo of Dr Vivek Pandey and Mr Sukhpal Singh was included in the tweet, along with the first page of the memorandum.

These were some of the main points made in the memorandum.

Points To be Notice from 19 Page Memorandum

  1. Memorandum notes that the notification for medical entrance was given on April 6, giving only 100 days to prepare. According to students, this is a short period of time to prepare for India’s most difficult and significant medical exam.
  2. Students receive notice of the exam at least five months in advance each year. Stress and anxiety have been felt by students as a result of this. There is a common opinion that they do not have enough preparation time. In light of previous years’ trends, they set aside this amount of time to revise and prepare, yet it was all to waste.
  3. Many students are still hoping for a postponement of the medical entrance examinations, which have just 5 days to go. Most NEET 2022 hopefuls have requested a 40 to 60-day delay in the exam.
  4. Because the CBSE 12th board exams ended in mid-June, students claimed that they were unable to effectively prepare for the NEET admission examination. Many students feel particularly anxious because their NEET exam is so soon after their previous board examinations (the CBSE exams).
  5. This year’s NEET 2021 counselling ended late, so students who did badly on the exam last year may have to reapply based on how they did. They didn’t have much time to study for the next exam.

Current Situation From Officials Regarding NEET 2022 Exam Postponed

Currently, there is no word on whether or not the exam will be rescheduled. We do, however, want all students to be well-prepared and to retain a nice attitude. NEET is a competitive exam, which means that every student has to go through the same hardships. All students are having the same amount of time to prepare for the exam.

Often, we have little time to make a decision in life. So, keep a cheerful attitude and look forward to the upcoming exam.

If you have any questions, the Vidya hub counsellors would be happy to assist you. If you’d like to speak with one of our distinguished teachers directly, feel free to stop by one of our locations and do so.

Good luck with your upcoming examination.

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Student Requesting NEET 2022 Exam Postponed