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How to Study Biology: Top 6 ways to master Biology

Biology is the paramount subject for students who wish to give NEET in the future. Not only for NEET aspirants, but biology can cause troubles in the 11th and 12th classes too. Many students lose valuable marks on boards and in NEET because of this subject. But the thing is, biology is not supposed to be that hard.

Physics and Chemistry are based on applying the knowledge you learn, but Biology consists of specific knowledge that you need to understand from your heart. The moment you start making some changes in the way you study Biology; you will top the exam.


So, what are these changes I am talking about?

Here are 6 major Points we are going to explain in this Blog one by one:

  • Understand The Basics First
  • Keep A Dictionary with You
  • Manage Your Time Effectively
  • Use Technology
  • Use Lab Time Wisely
  • Choosing the best institute


  1. Understand the Basics of Biology First

Biology is a complex subject, and it consists of lots of jargon that could be hard to understand if you are not aware of the basics. So, my advice to you is, start from scratch. NCERT should be the bible for every NEET and Board aspirant. Only move to more complex study materials if you understand every single bit of NCERT.


  1. Keep A Dictionary with You

You need to study and write the exams in English even though it’s not your first language. The moment you see an unfamiliar term, you need to open your dictionary or better, go on the internet to check its meaning. Otherwise, it can create a hole in your concept clarity.


  1. Manage Your Time Effectively

If you think Biology is your weak spot, Physics and Chemistry aren’t. Then, you need to divide your time accordingly. Spend more time on understanding Biology than the other two. Managing your time effectively can help you perform better in your exams.


  1. Use Technology

Biology is a subject that can be better understood by using modern technologies like videos and animations. Scientifically speaking, the brain understands better from digital graphics than text written on paper. You can get digital study material anywhere on the internet if you know how to search for it. You can also watch quick tricks for your complex topics on our “Vidya Hub Digital” YouTube channel.


  1. Use Lab Time Wisely

Practical learning is always better than theoretical. What you read in your textbooks and what you do in your lab can give you two very different experiences, and trying new things yourself is the best way to learn. By the way, who hates lab time?


  1. Choosing the best institute

The last and most important way you can master this crucial subject is by choosing the best coaching institute to study from. And you guessed it correctly; it’s Vidya Hub! We deliver the best NEET biology preparation strategies. Our teachers are the most experienced and simply exceptional when it comes to teaching NEET students. Can’t believe it? Ask our alumnus!