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The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET)2023 application process is expected to start in February this year, and the news will also arrive shortly. The syllabus for this year’s exam is not confirmed until now, but you’ll get some idea if you check last year’s NEET.

We all know that NEET is one of the toughest exams in the world. But we will tell you how exactly it isn’t very easy so that you can start framing strategies to get the better of it:

Here we are going to discuss some points about Exam updates and the Application Process:







The syllabus of NEET consists of three subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. While the authorities say that the exam is based on the 12th and 11th science classes, some questions can be challenging to comprehend for even the brightest students. What you need to do is find your weak points. If you are a little weak in physics, you need to focus on it more. Divide your time for your subjects not equally but accordingly.

NEET Tough Competition: 

Every year, lakhs of aspirants try to crack NEET, but only a few are selected. Last year, 16.1 Lakh aspirants registered for NEET. In 2020 the number was 15.9 Lakhs and in 2019, it was 15.1 Lakhs. As you can see that your competition is rising by the year and hence, is expected to be at an all-time high this year too. Since you cannot control this factor, you just have to focus on yourself and succeed.

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NEET Preparation Time

Students start preparing for NEET right beside their class 12th. After their boards are done, they get mere months to prepare for one of the most challenging exams in this world. As you can see, this is not enough for many. Maybe this is one of the most significant factors for the extreme toughness of NEET. But how do some students score so well even though equal time is given to all of us? The key is utilizing that time. Yes, many students drop out after their 12th to prepare better for it. There is no harm in doing that. But if you have confidence in yourself that you can crack NEET after preparing for only months, I’ll say go for it. It matters a little if you have more than a year or few months to crack NEET; it’s your focus that counts.

NEET Exam Duration: 

When you are in the exam hall to give your NEET exam, you will only get 3 hours. Yes, only 3 hours! I know it is not enough and many students fall into this trap of not getting enough time. You have to work on your writing speed. Try to do questions that you know you’ll do and don’t get distracted.

You asked me, Is NEET tough? For the above discussion, it is clear that it is challenging. But in reality, it is not. It all depends on your mindset and your dedication. Just think of NEET as a wall blocking your way, and you have to knock it down before everyone else and be better than everyone else.

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