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Top 5 Career Options after 12th Science PCB 2022-2023.

Every student wants to know the career option after 12th Science with PCB because students are aware that they must sit the NEET exam after completing their 12th grade in order to pursue MBBS. But, according to studies, more than half of students are unaware that they have options other than MBBS, BDS, MHMS, or MAHMS.

If a student has taken PCB disciplines, it is assumed that they are studying Biology with the sole intent of becoming a doctor. That child, on the other hand, may have chosen these subjects because he has a strong interest in biology, or he may just want to gain a better understanding of the subject, or he may prefer to pursue a research career. If you feel the same, then You’ve come to the right place, this blog will help you to make the best decision possible.

BSc life science or BSc Honors. – Career Options after 12th

The most straightforward option is a BSc Life Sciences (also known as CBZ or ZBC) or a BSc Hons.

If you want to start a career in research, a B.Sc. honors degree (in Zoology, Botany, or Chemistry) might help you gain a thorough understanding of a subject. In Zoology, you learn about human physiology, anatomy, animal life cycles, pathogen life cycles, and other topics in depth. Similarly, Botany provides an in-depth understanding of plant physiology, anatomy, and other topics.

Whereas, BSc Life Science equips you with a comprehensive understanding of all three subjects (zoology, botany, and chemistry). If you wish to teach or have no particular interest in research, BSc Life Science is the program for you. It allows you to be exposed to all fields of biology each semester. In the BSc life science program, you have many alternatives. Here are a few examples:

After completing a (BSc + MSc in food technology) or a BSc honor in food technology, you can apply for a professorship by taking the UGC-NET test. You can also enter the food industry directly. Another possibility is to take an MBA degree in the food industry (FABM- Food and Agri Business management.

If you complete your BSc and Bed, you are eligible to teach up to 10th grade.

If you complete your BSc, MSc, and Bed, you are eligible to teach up to 12th grade.

BSc in Medical Microbiology

This is a fascinating course because children feel it is much similar to MBBS. The main difference is that in MBBS, we focus more on human physiology or anatomy, whereas here you study viruses and how viruses or pathogens affect the human life cycle. The program lasts three years and includes a six-month internship. Medical Microbiology students will be taught by the same professors as MBBS students.

Upon completing a BSc in Medical Microbiology, you can pursue a three-year MSc in Medical Microbiology, after which you can take the CSIR-NET exam and return to the research field, or you can work as a Professor or Demonstrator.

Tech in Biotechnology – Career Options after 12th Science Student.

Only a few people will be aware of this opportunity. B. Tech is not only available to Math students, but also to Biology students. This program lasts for four years, following which you can take the GATE Exam and apply for M Tech in Biotechnology in government colleges. M Tech in Biotechnology is a two-year program that allows you to work in a biotechnology lab and conduct research in your specialty.


BSc + LLB is a 5-year study that can lead to a career in law. If you believe that your science knowledge from 12th grade is sufficient and you wish to pursue law, you can undoubtedly do so by completing an integrated BSc + LLB program.

Para Medical Career Options after

Para Medical Science (It is related to Health Care Department) – Career Options after 12th.

  • BPT (Bachelor of Physio Therapy)
  • BMRT (Bachelor in Radiotherapy and technology)
  • Pharma or D Pharma
  • Other than the Science field.

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BPT (Bachelor of Physio Therapy)

You can become a physiotherapist after completing this course. This program lasts four years and includes a six-month internship.

BMRT (Bachelor in Radiotherapy and technology)

In this case, you could be sent to the X-ray department. The duration of your program is three years.

Pharma or D Pharma

In order to work in the pharmaceutical sector, you must complete a four-year program (B. Pharma) and a two-year program (D Pharma). You receive a better-paying job based on your experience. You may also choose M Pharma to broaden your knowledge and expertise.

Other than the Science field.

But what if you are not interested in science? Do you have any possibilities if you’re interested in arts or commerce subjects? Yes! You still have choices, and you’re still beneath the same vast sky.

Even after passing 12th from PCB, you can acquire other degrees like BA, BBA, and B.Com. Etc. You can study business and the arts even if you are a science student. Some students wish to take government exams such as UPSC, SSC, or Banking Exams; they can absolutely go for these, best degree for such exams would BA (Bachelor of Arts).