Best Foundation (Class 9th & 10th) Coaching in Paschim Vihar Delhi.

"Don't judge a book by its cover, and don't judge a student by his or her marks," said Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Since infancy, students have been taught to do well in their 11th class, do grades really matter? Particularly in 11th class? True, the Indian education system places a greater focus on a piece of paper and its outcome.

If I say, 'Marks Don't Matter in 11th class,' I'm merely sugar-coating a lie. They are significant, particularly for a student who wishes to pursue NEET or JEE.

When it comes to taking coaching, every student looks for the top coaching centres in Delhi. Many students seeking science tuitions search for the best coaching for Class XI in Delhi. If you are one among them and are seeking the best science 11th class coaching centre in Delhi, then have come to the correct spot.

Welcome to VidyaHub, the best institute for 9th and 10th-class science tuitions in Paschim Vihar, Delhi. VidyaHub is a one-of-a-kind science institute centre for students in class IX & X. We are not like any other coaching institute. We never compromise on education quality and never evaluate students based on prior performance. We provide education without prejudice and strive to make information accessible to all students. Every college is well-known for its characteristics, and VidyaHub is the top CBSE institute for Science in Paschim Vihar Delhi. The reason of VidyaHub being the best is not one but many:


  • Experienced & Highly Educated Teaching- For scientific tuitions, the institution has PhD AND M.Sc. faculty members. The instructors are knowledgeable and well-versed in the subject matter. Every instructor has characteristics that distinguish them as the best in their industry.
  • Small Batch Size- We offer small batches to give each student more attention. Teachers give attention to each kid and assist in creating their foundation years.
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions- We hold doubt clearing sessions on a regular basis so that students have a good knowledge of the principles and methodology of science topics. Physics computations and Chemistry formulae are frequently where a student gets stuck.
  • Crash Courses- We provide crash courses to help you effectively revise the whole material. These crash courses allow students to engage and practise the curriculum.
  • Test Series- We hold test series so that students are familiar with the CBSE pattern prior to the final exam.
  • Offline and Online Classes- We are adaptable in how we give lessons. We provide both offline (classroom) and online science tuition in Dwarka.
  • Career Counselling- We also advise students on how to advance in their careers.
  • Notes- For better preparation, we supply students with notes and syllabus PDFs.
  • Structured Infrastructure- At the institute, we have the necessary infrastructure for pleasant learning, such as a projector, benches, and tables.


Aside from the reasons stated above, we strive to strengthen a student's personality. We address a variety of subjects, including study approaches, time management, goal planning, and future career knowledge.

Our students are taught Mathematics as well as other tips and tactics to help them study better. On a regular basis, parents are brought up to date on their children's development. All parents are expected to contribute on a regular basis. We provide students with various possibilities. We are Delhi's top coaching centre. We have strived for excellence and excellent education since our foundation.

We welcome admissions without reservation. If you are looking for the "best class 11 science tuition in Delhi," contact VidyaHub and learn from the greatest scientific professors. 

The foundation grades serve as the intellectual basis for all types of competitive assessments across the country. Because the curriculum for key competitive tests, including NEET and IIT-JEE, is based on NCERT books. Students must establish key ideas that will help them excel in competitive assessments and throughout their lives starting in the foundation grades. These classes are critical in shaping a person's profession, whether they are a future doctor, engineer, or researcher. It influences a person's future. Making the right choice now may save you 2-3 years of difficulty later.

Foundation grades are a class in which students are not under the pressure of career making, allowing them to prepare without stress, without affecting their education, and with the ability to concentrate on coaching. The difficulty now is figuring out how to work on creating strong ideas. The most essential thing is to choose the best mentor to help you achieve your goals. As a consequence, you must choose a coaching institute where you will get personalised attention in order to develop your ideas. Delhi, also known as India's heart, is the place where most people seek to have a bright future and the student's choice regarding the stream as to how he has to move on.

After taking the tenth-grade test, the student is faced with the decision of which stream to pursue since this is a watershed moment in the lives of all students. The Science stream is the most desirable and has numerous future opportunities. The Science stream is further subdivided into math and biology, i.e., PCM and PCB; both promise better possibilities for engineers, physicians, and other professionals. Delhi not only boasts the greatest schools in the nation, but it also offers the best coaching institution. Every student in Delhi strives to be the best and stay ahead of the competition.

Coaching provides people with a jump start in achieving their goals and aspirations. Coaching is the education and training of a person to comprehend and be productive in particular areas. It may be both individual and group. We have all heard the phrase coaching in relation to sports. Whether it is an individual or group sport, it is the coach who trains them. Similarly, in education, instructors prepare students for subject issues and then counsel them based on their aspirations and objectives. Hence it is crucial to select the best coaching institute in Delhi. And I think by now, you already know the answer which is VidyaHub. People think sports is fun, but our team of coaches make studying even more fun.

Vidyahub is best class 9th and 10th coaching in Paschim Vihar Delhi:

VidyaHub's major goal is to optimise performance by assisting students in reaching their full potential. The basic goal of coaching is to help people develop confidence, self-discipline, a self-belief system, motivation, and self-awareness. Some individuals believe that coaching is only necessary for kids with ordinary or bad marks, which is incorrect. Coaching leads relevant areas to be focused on and how to study since there are numerous disciplines but not in-depth and time is controlled properly till the 10th. Even yet, when it comes to physics, chemistry, algebra, and biology, each topic in 11 is critical. It is critical to properly comprehend each subject; self-study seldom forces us to perform proper preparation. Coaching helps individuals pick the appropriate route and prepare for their ambitions.

The fundamental issue now is what distinguishes coaching from mere instruction or self-study. First, when it comes to self-study, students are unaware of crucial themes and methods of test preparation. They just know a small bit about themes and occasionally don't know which way to prepare to earn a decent mark. Tuition courses have their own teaching methods; however, they are not comprehensive enough for admission tests such as NEET and JEE. They educate depending on what is going on in the classrooms, not the pattern used for the NEET or JEE examinations.

The idea of coaching courses entices parents to send their children to such facilities. There are two sides to every coin. Parents send their children to such coaching programmes to help them become more efficient and build abilities. Simultaneously, in order to lighten their load, parents enrol their children in coaching lessons. All of the parents expect that their children would grow more dependable to Coaching in some manner, so helping to their development.

Every child has a dream to become something in the future; it could be because of the influence of a movie, an actual incident, or a person, and when the child achieves that dream, it feels like they are on top of the world; however, in today's time when there is neck to neck competition, it has become difficult to achieve one occupation that they dream of, and only hard work will allow you to achieve it. Students' hard work and help from the coaching instructor will make the way to success easier.

Teachers in Coaching have the same background in medical and engineering, so they can lead in the right direction, and their experience in the same offers a practical element. Despite all of the benefits of coaching, there may be some drawbacks, such as increased strain on students if coaching instructors are unable to keep up with the school's curriculum. If questions are not answered and there is no one-on-one contact with students, it may lead to a loss of self-confidence. Teachers at VidyaHub play an important part in improving learning; student achievement is similar to our success. In today's world, when competition is unavoidable, VidyaHub better prepares students for competitive tests, enhances their self-confidence, and provides additional information, allowing them to thrive in exams and brighten their future. Yes, one can win the competition without coaching, but it will take time.


Subjects for Foundation Classes taught excellently in VidyaHub:

  1. English: English is the most widely used language in India and throughout the world. In India, English primarily serves two purposes. It provides a linguistic instrument for the country's administrative coherence, bringing together individuals who speak diverse languages. Second, it serves as a more panoptic communication language, including a wide range of individuals and covering a huge geographical region. English works as a language bridge between major global nations and serves as a tie that helps bind different segments of Indian society together. English in the foundation classes help the students in many ways. First and foremost, the language is of international quality. To communicate on a global scale, everyone must learn English. Much of the curriculum in the educational profession is written in English. At the first stages, children are encouraged to learn English. As a result, as kids go through the levels, they learn practically all of the courses in English. The lessons that are taught to children from NCERT books in foundation classes have moral values. The literature is carefully designed and added in the textbook. All the higher exams like JEE & NEET are given in English by most of the students. Studying English in school is great, but studying English in schools as well as in VidyaHub is the best. After all we don’t just call ourselves the best coaching institute for English without any proof.


  1. Science: Science has played an important role in the development of students and their minds. It is even important in our everyday life. Science has benefitted us in several ways and will continue to do so. Maybe that is why this subject is given so much importance in the foundation classes. Science in foundation classes set up future for children who wants to pursue NEET, JEE or other related exams. These exams will later help these students to get into a good university and shape their career. Science studied in foundation classes is easy but extremely important. Everyone should have the basic knowledge that NCERT science textbooks provide. Without this much general knowledge, a student might not even survive in this intelligent world. For some, science can be a difficult subject. But not for VidyaHub students. Our teachers proves that we are the best coaching institute for science by making even the weakest student understand each and every word of science textbook. A student only has to have a will, and the rest will be taken care by our experienced teachers.


  1. Mathematics: I believe that Indians have always been and continue to be entrepreneurial. Basic arithmetic skills have always been crucial. This would have been handed down via our ancestors. Actually, math is vital for everyone. Mathematics helps us sharpen our minds. However, we place a greater emphasis on mathematics than on other courses. Mathematics is required for any rigorous competitive test such as UPSC, SSC, CGL, BANK PO, NEET, JEE and so on. And I believe that many students have already made up their minds for these exams. Maths is a very important subject as it exists in all the foundation classes. Its difficulty only increases every grade. To tackle this rising difficulty, I would like to propose the best coaching institute for maths: VidyaHub. For students, maths is a nightmare, but our teacher makes the subject look like a bunch of numbers just floating around. I honestly believe that everyone should try VidyaHub at least once and know what it feels like to win in studies (especially in maths).


  1. Physics: Physics, or the study of matter, energy, and their interactions, is a global endeavour that will play an important part in foundational grade’s students. Physics is a thrilling intellectual journey that motivates young people and pushes the boundaries of our understanding of Nature. It produces vital information required for future technological developments that will continue to power the world's economic engines. Physics is a key part of the education of chemists, engineers, and computer scientists, as well as other practitioners of physical and medicinal sciences. Physics is already taught in small foundational grades but the difficulty arises in class 11th and 12th. That is when you are going to need VidyaHub, the best coaching institute for physics. It’s like our teachers were made by God himself to teach physics to students in VidyaHub coaching centre.


  1. Chemistry: Chemistry is very vital in our daily lives. Lotions, face wash, the food we consume, pharmaceuticals, mobile phones, laptop computers, and other examples of chemistry may be found all around us. Cement, bricks, and other building materials are all chemical compounds. Furthermore, chemical molecules play an important function in the manufacturing and preservation of food. Yes, chemistry is present all around us, maybe this is the reason why chemistry is also present in foundational classes. But is chemistry really difficult? Yes, for many ‘Chemistry’ is one of the most difficult subjects to pass the exam in. So how would a student, weak in chemistry, top the CBSE exam? The answer is simple, he/she would have to join the best coaching institute for chemistry, which is VidyaHub. You worried how the chemicals will react when mixed with each other? Do not worry when you will mix with VidyaHub, because that reaction is going to be awesome.


  1. Biology: Biology is obviously vital for studying medicine since it is the basis. It is a branch of science that studies how living things, such as people, operate. Biology is still a long way from providing all of the answers that scientists need. Every second, biology happens as humans breathe in and out; each cell gets oxygenated blood and emits carbon dioxide. So how can a student rely on self-studying biology? There is no way you can top the CBSE biology exam with studying just in school or at home. You need something more, something that will throw you at the top of the rank list. And that thing is VidyaHub, only the best institute for physics there is. Find out how living things can be fun with our superior environment and excellent teachers.


Class 10th

For students who were concerned about their examinations, the Central Board of Secondary Education issued the CBSE 10th Exam Date 2023. Furthermore, according to the most recent reports, CBSE Exams would be held in a single session only this year, with no Term 1, 2 Exams. The CBSE Class X Exams 2023 are set to begin on February 15, 2023, with Practical Exams preceding it. Exams would be held from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, according to the CBSE 10th Date Sheet 2023. Dateheets are very important as they help prepare better for tests and to organise study plan around exam dates.

School departments will offer practical exams to assess students' knowledge. Teachers are now working hard to complete the curriculum of students in Class 10 so that they may update the syllabus for the benefit of students. In order to get a passing certificate from the CBSE Board, you must pass 5-6 subjects in Class 10. But passing shouldn’t be anyone’s goal. The main objective should be to top the exams. For class 10th students, science and maths are supposed to be “tough” subjects but, for students of VidyaHub they are a piece of cake.

VidyaHub is the best coaching institute for 10th CBSE boards. Not because they make difficult subjects look easy, but because the teachers work hard on their students and bring out their true potential.

While our teachers are working hard on their students, our whole team is working hard on you! To provide you with the most accurate details. So here are all the details you need to know about Class 10th board exams:


  1. Number of subjects to prepare for: 5-6
  2. Subjects: Hindi, English, Science, Social Science, Math, and one other subject is required like Physical Education, Computers, etc.
  3. CBSE Class 10 Exam Beginning Date: February 15, 2023
  4. Last exam date: March 20, 2023
  5. CBSE Admit Card Availability Date: Will be available in February 2023.
  6. Exam Timings: 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  7. CBSE Site: CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education


You should be aware that each topic has several portions with varying weightage of 1 to 5 points for each question. All of the questions are of the descriptive kind, and all of the questions on the paper are required. Most crucially, Exams will be composed in a single session, and there will be no Term 1 and Term 2 Exams, as in past sessions. Theory papers get 80 marks, while internal exams receive 20 marks.


CBSE Boards are the most critical moment for all class X students who are about to sit their first board examinations, whether under the CBSE Board or another state board. Actually, there has been so much hoopla around the class 10th board examinations that the mere prospect of sitting for them causes students nightmares. However, board examinations are similar to other tests that students have taken in earlier courses. The sole distinction is that board examinations are the first nationalised tests for students in class ten.

A successful completion of the tests may propel a student to the next stage of his or her academic and professional aspirations. A high performance in board examinations also indicates a student's honesty and feeling of responsibility. A student’s CBSE class 10 result is the most important factor in determining whether he/she will be allowed to enrol to the desired stream in 11th grade. The grades in a subject show interest or indifference in that subject, which might help in picking a stream; Science, Commerce, or Arts, for example.

At this point, students are grown enough to pursue their interests and make sound decisions. The stream chosen in class 11 will ultimately determine your future job options. For example, if you wish to pursue a profession in medicine, you will need to study biology in 11th grade, for which you must score well in the class 10 science test. Class 10 board test results will be used to determine admission to higher secondary institutions of your choosing. Board test scores are an essential element of your CV since they demonstrate your academic performance and accomplishments.

In today's educational environment, many top schools and institutions provide additional points to class 10th marks when admitting students. As a result, a solid performance in class 10 board examinations might serve as a career shaper in a student's life.

Furthermore, in order to participate in any admission test or scholarship programme available after class 10, a student must have obtained a minimum needed percentage/grades in the 10th board examinations. The class 10 board test is an excellent criterion for determining a student's knowledge and ability. It compares the performance of a student against all class 10th kids in the nation, not just few classmates. Because board examinations are held at the national level, a poor performance in class 10 might be used as a wake-up call to do better the following time. An outstanding achievement in the class 10 boards will provide with the incentive needed to continue a career in the future. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with doing well on Board examinations will outweigh success on internal school tests. Knowing the significance of the class 10 board examinations, students must begin properly studying for the impending tests.

One important thing to do while preparing for Class 10th Boards is to be calm. But that is not it, the most important thing, however, is joining VidyaHub.



Class 12th

The Board exam for Class 12th students will be based on the pre-pandemic curriculum in the year 2023. In other words, the 30% reduction in syllabus supplied to students in response to learning loss caused by the covid-induced disturbance has been reversed. Exams will begin on February 15, 2023. This year, the CBSE released the Class 12 results on July 22. In Class 12th, the total pass rate was 92.71%. While other students were worrying about pandemic these last couple of years, students of VidyaHub were confident that nothing could stop them from achieving their goals, even some Chinese virus. All the details that can be useful for a class 12th student and help in knowing about the excellency of VidyaHub, is given below:


  1. Mode of Examination: Pen and Paper Mode (Offline)
  2. Datesheet to be released in: December 2022.
  3. Date of the CBSE Practical Exam: To be determined
  4. CBSE Admit Card Release Date: February 1st, 2023
  5. CBSE Board Exams beginning Date: February 15, 2023.
  6. Number of subjects to prepare for: 5-6
  7. Question Types: MCQ and Subjective Type Questions
  8. Official Website: CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education



Students must carry their admit card to the CBSE test that they would take in 2023. They would be unable to sit the test unless they have their 2023 CBSE Admit Card. According to the CBSE class 12 date sheet 2023, all students must be at the test centre thirty minutes before the time stated. Students should double-check that they have adequate supplies of a pen, pencil, sharpener, scale, and eraser the night before an examination. Students may download past year's question papers and go over them as part of the most efficient preparation for the CBSE Class 12 exams.

Sample questions will be made accessible to students sitting for the CBSE Class 12 examinations in 2023. These papers are made available to the public prior to the release of the CBSE board exam date 2023 Class 12 schedule. Students may read and download free copies of these example papers from the URL provided. You may find it useful to read through some of these sample questions as you prepare for the CBSE Grade 12 Examinations in 2023. Students may judge how well they are prepared for the CBSE test for class 12 by going through some practice questions like these.


People say that marks doesn’t matter. Yes, there are some people who got successful without scoring good in their 12th Board Exams. “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover, Don’t Judge a student by his/her Percentage” ~ Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Students are told to score good in Class 12th Board exams. But do Class 12th Board marks really matter? Is it true that the education system in India put more emphasis on a sheet of paper and its result? If I say that ‘Class 12th board’s Marks Don’t Matter in Life’, I would just be sugar-coating a lie. They do matter especially in this country.

But there’s not any change happening around in the education system. So, you would have to go with the flow. The competition has increased drastically in the past few years. And all the people are judged on the basis of marks they got in their class 12th boards, the result of a piece of paper on which they wrote. To get a good college, job or even lifestyle; you need to score well in your Board exams. Hence, you can see the true importance of Class 12th CBSE Boards.

Still think ‘A single piece of paper can’t decide your future’? Try to imagine yourself as a CEO of a Multi-National Corporation. You need to hire a person and you have narrowed it down to two candidates. You look at their Resume. The first person scored 95% in 12th class where as the other 80%. Which one would you hire considering both performed equally well in the interview?  Candidate ‘A’ right? That Single piece of paper just decided a person’s future. “School failed me, and I failed the school.” ~ Albert Einstein, one of the most intelligent to have ever walked this planet. He was failing in all the non-scientific subjects when he was in high school. He had a talent in Math & Physics which he used to make this world a better place. Einstein’s marks didn’t decide his future.

Now you might be wondering that first I said scoring good in exams matters a lot, and just after that I mentioned it doesn’t. I haven’t gone insane. It’s just that knowledge matters more than marks. Einstein had knowledge about science and maths which he was later able to put to good use. Maybe candidate ‘A’ had better knowledge than ‘B’ and hence was able to perform in exams. Memorizing words might help you temporarily but diving in the pool of knowledge is better.

Delhi University admits students to its different institutions depending on their 12th board percentile, which is now changing thanks to the introduction of the CUET 2022 test. Try telling a student who missed the threshold for his or her preferred course by 0.2 percent that "marks don't matter." Getting into a top institution in India normally demands a high board percentage; if admission tests are used, colleges and institutes usually set a minimum cut-off of 60 or 75 percent. Hence Class 12th Board marks are extremely important. So how can you excel in class 12th board exams? The answer is as clear as the sky in Delhi, it is VidyaHub. Join the best institute for Class 12th boards and see the difference yourself.





Q1. Which is the best coaching for class 11th and 12th in Delhi.

A1. VidyaHub is the best coaching for class 11th and 12th in Delhi. It is the leading name in the education industry. They provide students with the edge, allowing them to discover their inherent ability while also opening doors to a world of competitive and scholastic assessments. In brief, VidyaHub firmly put students on the route to reaching their specified objectives and a distinguished & flourishing career.

Q2. Which is the best coaching for Physics, Chemistry, Biology for class 11th & 12th in Paschim Vihar Delhi.

A2. VidyaHub is the best coaching for Physics, Chemistry, Biology for class 11th & 12th. Teachers at VidyaHub have a way of teaching which is modern and yet has a guru like traditional feel to it. Over the years, VidyaHub has broken all the records that a normal institute can only hope to achieve. For foundational classes, all of Delhi is recommending VidyaHub.

Q3. Which is the best Coaching for Physics, Chemistry, Maths for Class 11th and 12th.

A3. VidyaHub has always been and always will be the best coaching centre for Physics, Chemistry and Maths for Class 11th and 12th. It is not just the professional teachers that make it the best, but the students itself. Believe you me! The chemistry between students and teachers cannot be found the way it is at VidyaHub.

Q4. Why should anyone consider coaching for Class 11th?

A4. Class 11th is one of the foundational classes for a student. It is true that very little pressure resides on the shoulders of students when they are in class 11th but still, it has some of the most important factors that can play a crucial role in a student’s life. Class 11th has proven to be the foundation for class 12th and higher exams like NEET & JEE. A student can only excel in higher studies when he/she excels in class 11th. And to excel in class 11th, coaching is necessary. School and self-study can get you average marks, but coaching can help you top the exams and strengthen your core for higher and tougher exams. But one thing to be kept in mind is that not any institute can help a student in Class 11th. Only the best can. That is why all the toppers recommend VidyaHub (from personal experience).

Q5. Why should anyone consider Vidyahub 11th coaching?

A5. Only a discerning eye can value finer things. If a student has the potential to be the best, only the best coaching institute can help him/her. And from the best I mean VidyaHub. Some students are not be able to perform according to their potential because they do not have the right guidance. VidyaHub helps bring out the best in students. That is why every class 11th student should at least once in his/her life consider VidyaHub coaching.

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