Mr. Ashish Goyal - Vidya Hub's Driving Force

Mr. Ashish Goyal, the director of Vidya Hub, determines the organization's overall mission. Without his personality and contributions to the business, Vidya Hub would be incomplete.

A few Insights into Mr. Ashish Goyal's personality :

  • Never yielding to pressure, he views challenges as stepping stones and fresh chances. Even throughout the Covid era and the tough periods that followed, he devised inventive action plans and assisted students and his organization.
  • While some may have admired him just for his teaching abilities, he is clearly much more than that. By quietly reshaping the educational environment, he is trying to improve the lives of the vast majority of students.
  • He actively and patiently listens to and understands the problems of parents, teachers, and, most importantly, our students. As a result of his attentive listening, he is able to fully grasp the issues at hand and offer workable solutions. There have been some successful implementations of proposed solutions, and the team is working furiously to address the remaining student issues.
  • Caring for Students, Teachers, and Coworkers: He is an admired leader because of his compassion and his capacity to bring out the best in his coworkers and students.
  • He is devoted and a man of his word. Every promise made to a parent, a student, or a teacher is kept. Not only that, but he has self-committed to his nation and is putting a lot of effort into fulfilling those promises.

Our Achievements and Collaborations

  • We have generated all delighted and content students in addition to receiving countless selections and admissions in a number of prestigious institutions and universities.
  • Through our adaptable educational approach, we have joined forces with CSC Academy to bring quality education to students in even the most rural areas of the country.
  • We've teamed up with The Times of India to provide course selection, career counseling, Competitive Exam preparation, and Vidya Hub Olympiad-based psychometric analysis and awards to students at various schools across India.
  • We provided Class 10th students with the entire Course, Stream Selection, and Psychometric Assessment for a very reasonable fee of Rs 2100.
  • We worked with Mr. Vivek Oberoi, who is a well-known Bollywood actor and also a humanitarian and education reformer in India. Together with Vivek Sir, we're eager to make a difference in Indian education.
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