Psychometric Analysis for Students

What is Psychometric Analysis?

  • Psychometric assessments are conducted in order to know personality traits, cognitive abilities and various interests of a person.
  • These tests includes a variety of questions & exercises designed to examine a person’s mental, social & physical well being and capabilities.
  • The results of these tests provide a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats) Analysis about one. 
  • For a teenager psychometric test helps to answer the 2 most important questions i.e.,
    • Which stream to be chosen?
    • Which work profile to be choose for career?

Why is it Necessary for a Student to take Psychometric Analysis?

  • As soon as a teenage enters into class 9 the first questions everyone ask is “Which stream you will opt after class 10" followed by “What is your future / career goal”.
  • According to a survey, peers, elder siblings and other career resources impact over 80% of career planning in India, as a result a student generally gets confused and is usually imposed to choose something undesired by these pressures.
  • In order to provide a better view to our upcoming generations psychometric exams play a lightening role.
  • A psychometric test tries to rate one’s capabilities or capacity into 3 major aptitude based on response received for the various questions for example one can be good at  communication more than at solving complex problems.

The three major aptitudes that examined in psychometric test are:

  • Numerical Aptitude: It assesses a students’s ability to deal with number, analyse graphs and tables, and use arithmetic and algebra.
  • Logical Aptitude: It assesses a students’s ability or capacity to reason logically, nonverbal abilities, abstract reasoning and the ability to extract rules, analogies and structures.
  • Verbal Aptitude: It relates to a student’s aptitude to comprehend and respond to spoken information, as well as to assess the student’s innate skills.

How does Psychometric Analysis Address your Concern?

  • As discussed above on the basis of an aptitude test psychometric test analysis the interests of an examinee into 6 major heads and propose the best suited streamed various career opportunities that one can opt for.
  • Also it provide solutions or ways to develop those interest where the one is lacking behind.
  • For example : for a student having low numerical aptitude can be improved  by solving multiple levels of mathematical problems, game and activities that involve mental calculator.


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